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This page is dedicated to the companies and individuals who have donated to the Deptford Spartan Marching Band. To become a Spartan Marching Band Sponsor please read below. 
(This page is a work in progress.  If you have donated to the Deptford Spartan Marching Band and your company and or name is not listed, please e-mail us at  We want to thank those companies and indivuals for their continued support of our music program

Please support the following companies who have sponsored the Deptford Spartan Marching Band!!!

Spartan Gold Sponsors

Outback Steakhouse
Square One
Deptford Truck Rentals
Five Guys
Ameriprise Financial
Guardian Plumbing and Heating, LLC
Pitman Manor
Dr. Dan's Auto Repair, LLC
Robert Starr Furniture
Casa Dance Studio
Teamster Local Union No. 676
D'Agostino Electric
OES Mechanical
Deptford Skating and Fun Center
Deptford Township Mayor and Council
Tony's Service  Auto Repair

Spartan Silver Sponsors

Spartan Bronze Sponsors

Spartan Black Sponsors
Mr. Mike Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Spencer

Deptford Township Spartan Marching Band
575 Fox Run Road
Deptford, NJ 08096

Attention: Manager/Owner










Subject: High School Music Program at Deptford Township High School










Dear Sir/Madam:










Over the years, our taxes go up and school budgets seem to be cut to the bare bones.  This is happening all over the country and is no different at Deptford Township High School.  Although it’s an average size school, we have an extensive music program that includes Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Choir, and Women’s Choir, as well as our competitive groups, the Jazz Band, the Marching Band, Indoor Percussion, and Indoor Color Guard.  Our students and staff work very hard and have been extremely successful.  Just this November, our Marching Band placed 7th at the Atlantic Coast Tournament of Bands held in Dover , Delaware and  were crowned the United States Scholastic Band Association Group I New Jersey State and National Champions!  In 2006 and 2007, our Jazz Band placed 3rd in the State of New Jersey.










Some of our expenditures, such as transportation, are covered by the school board budget, while many other expenses are not.  This requires extensive fund raising, or direct payments, from the students and their families.  This year alone, our students must pay $300.00 just to participate in the Marching Band.  Unfortunately, some expenses are even beyond our fund raising capabilities and that is why we are coming to you.  Did you know:










                *              A new Alto Saxophone costs approximately $1000





                *              A Pearl Snare Drum costs at least $400





                *              A Marimba can cost between $4,000-$12,000 (depending upon quality)










We, the members of the Deptford Band Parents Association, are determined to enable our children the opportunity to continue with these worthwhile music ensembles.  Each ensemble has expenses such as competition fees, uniforms, new instruments, repair of existing instruments, for which we do not have the extra money to support all of those items.  We are therefore, coming to the community for help.  We need help from businesses and individuals alike.










We respectfully ask if you would be willing to help sponsor some of our music program so it can continue now and into the future.  Any help is appreciated and tax deductible, but knowing you helped enrich the lives of hundreds of high school students in our township is priceless.










If you wish to make a sponsorship donation, please complete the attached form and mail back your donation in the envelope provided.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the following individuals.




















Michael Armstrong





Band Director
Deptford Township Band
(856) 232-2713 ext. 7316




















































Sponsorship Type *













               Spartan Music Gold **                                                      Over $5,000                         $_____________





               Spartan Music Silver **                                                    $1,000 to $5,000                  $_____________





              Spartan Music Bronze **                                                  $500+                                    $_____________





               Spartan Music Black *                                                      $100 +                                   $_____________





              Friend of the Spartan Music Program*                           Any  Other Amount           $_____________










Sponsorship of a specific musical instrument:







            See attached Wish List and contact Mr. Forster or Mr. Armstrong for details.










Music Program Ad: (A full page ad is included free in every ad book if you are a Spartan Music Sponsor of Gold or Silver, or sponsored select musical instruments.  Please include a separate sheet of paper with Company Logo & ad information.)










             Full Page Ad                                                                         $100                                       $_____________





             Half Page Ad                                                                        $50                                        $_____________





             Quarter Page Ad                                                                  $35                                        $_____________





             Business Card                                                                      $25                                        $_____________








































We will automatically list sponsors and a link to their website by category in all future Music Program Booklets and on our Music Department’s Website for the next year.  We can also include electronic coupons on our website as well.





** For Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsors  and a Wish List Sponsorship, a special plaque with your name will be placed on the wall in the hallway of the school.















Please provide the following information:










Company Name: ___________________________________________________________










Company Address: _________________________________________________________










Manager/Director/Owner Name: ______________________________________________





                                                                                (Please include your business card)










Contact Phone number: ______________________________________________________










Make checks payable to DBPA and return in the enclosed envelope










Deptford Township Band Parent Association





Attn:  Michael Armstrong, Band Director





Deptford Township High School





                                                                             575 Fox Run Road






Deptford, NJ 08096


















SUGGESTED                                   QUANTITY              ESTIMATED







ITEMS                                               NEEDED                   COST                                    


























                Oboe                                                      1-2                                          Contact For Pricing





                Bassoon                                                1-2                                          Contact For Pricing





                Bass Clarinet                                        1-2                                          Contact For Pricing





                Tenor Saxophone                                2-4                                          Contact For Pricing





                Baritone Saxophone                            1-2                                          $6,314.01 Each 























                Trumpet                                                6-8                                          $1,470.00 Each





                Mellophone                                          4-6                                          $1,195.00 Each





                Baritone Horn                                      4-6                                          $1,518.00 Each





                Tuba                                                      2                                              $3,395.00 Each























                Xylophone                                            1                                              $2,500.00 Each





                Chimes                                                   1                                              $4,000.00 Each





                Vibraphone                                           1                                              $4,000.00 Each





                Glockenspiel                                         1                                              $2,500.00 Each





                Auxiliary Percussion                           Call for list of items and pricing.























                Drum Major Podium                          1                                              $   840.00 Each





                Drum Major Podium                          1                                              $   575.00 Each





                Bass Drum Stand                               1                                              $   640.00 Each





                Chime Cart                                           1                                              $1,315.00 Each





                Gong Stand                                         1                                              $   440.00 Each





                Parade Banner                                    1                                              Contact For Pricing





                Long Ranger 4B                                 1                                              $1,950.00





                Portable PA System





                Fabric For Flags And Costumes                                                      Contact For Suggested  Donation




























                Band Uniform                                    15-20                                     $   361.00 Each























                Buses, Trucking, etc.                                                                     Contact For Suggested Donation

































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