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Spartan Alumni

The History of the Spartan Marching Band is important to us, so if you have any important information that you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Pictures, updates,stories, anything...  

Here is a picture of Drum Major Ron Tessing, marching in the 1979 Deptford Day Parade.

Spartan Alumni Directory

To be added to our alumni directory, enter your Name, Years at Deptford, Instrument(s) and/or Position (e.g. Trumpet, Color Guard, Drum Major etc.), and your e-mail address to the address provided above.

Years           Alumni Name                 Instrument(s)/ Positions
1959-1965      John Preine                           Alto Sax
1960-1965      A W Cubler                            
1962-1965      Rich Mendoza                       Drum Line 
1964-1966      Jerry Gooch                           
Color/Honor Guard/Flag/Rifle
1965-1969      Bonnie(MacMaster)Bergen    Clarinet/Field Lieutenant
1965-1969      Shirley(Strouse)Orrison          Majorette
1965-1971      Patricia Synder                     Clarinet
1967-1972      June (Forster)Griscom           
1968-1973      Don Megahan                       Clarinet
1969-1972      Bob Bergen                           Sousaphone/Sousaphone Section Leader
1971-1973      Carole (Fox) Land                 Trombone
1971-1975      Kathy(Kressler)Seacrist         Flute/ Piccolo/ Captain
1971-1975      Debbie(Wilson)Truhan           Clarinet
1972-1976      Linda(Rauch)Fenuto              Clarinet
1972-1976      Mike Maurer                         
1974-1977      Mary(Rauch)Nardelli              Clarinet 
1974-1977      Bonnie(Simmons) Rodgers    NJ Flag Carrier/Band Front Captain/
                                                                         Rifle Captain

1975- 1977    Maureen(McMichael)Coppola Color Guard
1975 -1978    Ken Stansberry                      Alto Saxophone/Trombone/Indoor Color Guard
1976-1979     Ron Tessing                            Trumpet/Baritone/Drum Major                     
1978-1981      Jeff Tessing                           Trombone/Quartermaster
1978-1982      A Cubler                                 
Snare Drum/Triple Toms
1978-1982      Rhonda Robinson                  Honor Guard/Flag 
1979-1984      Karyn Park                              Mallets
1979-1984      Chris Ward                            Alto/Tenor Saxophone
1980-1985      Partrica(Karlsen)Dunleavy     Alto Saxophone
1980-1984      Ellen(Firth)Mitchell                  Alto Saxophone
1980-1985      Douglas Schmidt                   Euphonium/Tuba/Trombone
1982- 1986     Michael Parker                      Snare Drum/Triple Toms/Quads
1983- 1988     Debbie(Moore)Mattson           Clarinet/Drum Major
1986-1990      Kathleen(Miller)Billmann         Majorette/Majorette Captain
1986-1991     Cheryl(Stotsenburg)St.Germain Rifle/Rifle Captain/Drum Major
1986-1991     Calvin Spencer                      Trumpet/Flugal Horn/Pit/Drum Major/
                                                                          Assistant Drum Major

1988-1992      Victoria(Clucas)McDevitt        Flute/Tenor Sax/Bari Sax/Drum Major
1988-1992       Tanya(Holloway)Monts            Color Guard/Rifle/Color Guard Captain
1988-1993      Alicia Bucciarelli                    Trumpet
1988-1993      Jennifer(Nipe)Williamson       Trumpet
1989-1992      Jeff Williamson                      Battery Percussion/ Tenors
1989-1994      Lou Crognale                         Trumpet/ Drum Major
1989-1994      Paula(Ferrick) Nichols            Clarinet/Pit/Assistant Drum Major
1991-1996      Heather(Taylor) Furfari            Color Guard/Pit/Drum Major
1991-1996      Katie(Orrison) Thomas           Color Guard/Color Guard Captain
1993-1997      Christopher Armstrong         Trombone/Baritone/Low Brass Section Leader
1994-1998      Lisa Wilmer                            Bari Sax
1995-1998      Dan Lunasin                           Baritone/Trumpet/Wind Ensemble Captain
1995-1999      Mike Armstrong                    
Trombone/Low Brass Section Leader
1995-1999      Brian Haynes                        
1995-1999      Elliot Hirshorn                        
Battery Percussion/Drum Line Captain
1995-1998      Laura(Lezzi)Seidelmann      Pit Percussion/Section Leader
1995-1999      Stephanie Mostovlyan          Color Guard
1995-1997      Sal Randazzo                      
  Tenor Sax/Drum Major
1996-1999      Kate Pantaleo                        Piccolo/Drum Major
1996-2000      Brad Johnson                        Tenor Sax/Bass Drum 

1997-2001      Lou Randazzo                        Trumpet
1998-2002      Laura Damanskis                  Clarinet
1998-2002      Ron Latham                           
Battery Percussion/ Drum Line Captain
1998-2001      Jessica(Callahan)Park         Color Guard
1999-2001      Ginnie(Spencer)Calabrese    Color Guard
1998-2001      Niki Williams                          Color Guard/Color Guard Captain 
1999-2002      Stephanie McGair                 Flute/Flute Section Leader
1999-2004      Jonathan Hunt                        
Trumpet/Flugal Horn/Mellophone/
                                                                          High Brass Section Leader
1999-2004      Bethany Johnson                   Tuba/Low Brass Section Leader
2001-2004      Tracy Rossi                            Color Guard
2001-2004      Andrea Emma                       
Color Guard/Color Guard Captain
2002-2006      Mark Damanskis                   Bass Drum/Tenors/Drum Line Captain
2003-2007      Ashley Blubaugh                    Flute/Drum Major
2003-2007      Ryan Reeves                          Trumpet/Mellophone/Assistant Drum Major
2004-2008      Brittany Hall                            Trumpet/Flugal Horn/Mellophone/
                                                                          Assistant Drum Major

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