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The History of Band Directors

The following is a list of the fine individuals who have lead the Deptford Township High School Marching Band over the years.

Tenure                     Years        Band Director's Name
1959-1967                         8             Ron Holly                     
1967-1973                         6             John Tumminia              
1973-1975                         2             Bob Pannnacciulli  ***   
1975-1983                         7             David Schmaldeinst
1983-1998                        16            Jim Jameson        *** 
1998-2001                         3             Brian Gilbert                 
2001-2005                         4             Chris Scott           **   
2005-2019                         14           Mike Armstrong    **
2019-present                                   Jonathon Porco  

*** Former Directors that have retired in the Deptford Township School District.
**  Former Directors that are still teaching in the Deptford Township School District.

      Mr. Ron Holly was the first Band Director of the Deptford Spartan Band.  Mr. Holly lead the Spartan Band for 8 years before leaving in 1967.

      Mr. John Tumminia was the second Band Director of the Deptford Band.  During Mr. Tumminia's tenure, the band became a founding member of Tournament of Bands (TOB), made its first appearance in the Atlantic Coast Championship in 1973 and placed in the Top Five.  The Spartan Band placed Fourth at the first Atlantic Coast Championship.  The 4th place finish is the highest ranking by a Deptford Band in the Atlantic Coast Championship.  Mr. Tumminia left Deptford at the end of the school year and finished his allustrious career at Highland Regional High School in 1997.

***   Mr. Bob Pannacciulli was the third Band Director of the Deptford Band.  Mr. Pannacciulli was the Director of Bands at Oak Valley and Lake Tract Elementary Schools.  Mr. Pannacciulli retired from the classroom in June of 2007, after 30 + years of teaching in the Deptford Township School District.

      Mr. David Schmaldeinst was the fourth Band Director of the Deptford Band.  Mr. Schmaldenist lead the band from 1975 - 1983.  Liked by many of his students, Mr. Schmaldeinst left a lasting mark on his students before leaving the Deptford Band in 1983.

***   Mr. Jim Jameson was the fifth Band Director to lead the Deptford Band.  Under Mr. Jameson, the band made (5) five appearances to the Atlantic Coast Championships, the most by any Deptford Director.   Mr. Jameson was teaching at Monongahela Middle School as the Middle School Band Director.  Mr. Jameson retired from the classroom in March of 2007 and is now working with NJEA. 

     Mr. Brian Gilbert was the sixth Band Director to lead the Spartans on the field.  During the Gilbert Years, the band made (3) three consecutive appearances to the Atlantic Coast Championships, placing 9th in 1998 and 6th twice in 1999 and 2000.  In 1999, the band scored its highest score a Deptford Band has ever received scoring a Silver rating of 93.35.

**   Mr. Chris Scott was the seventh Band Director of the Deptford Spartan Band.  During Mr. Scott's tenure, the Spartan Marching Band made (3) three consecutive appearances to the Atlantic Coast Championships, placing 13th in 2001 &2002 and 8th in 2003.  Mr. Scott is currently teaching at Lake Tract Elementary School.

**    Mr. Mike Armstrong was the eighth  Band Director of the Deptford Spartan Marching Band.  During the Armstrong Years, the Band so far has made it to (7)  seven consecutive Atlantic Coast Championships placing 10th in 2005,14th in 2006, 7th in 2007, 19th in 2008, 14th in 2009,  5th in 2010 and 2nd in 2011.  The 2007 Spartan Marching Band won the 2007 USSBA Group I National Championship with a score of 96.00  This score was the highest score that Deptford has acheived in USSBA.  The Spartan Band also won  the 2007 USSBA Group I Open New Jersey State Championships.  In TOB performance, the 2011 Spartans set a new record in Deptford Marching Band History with a score of 97.15 at the ACC Championships. 

** Mr. Jonathon Porco 
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