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Welcome to the Home of the
Spartan Band 2000 - Current

This page is dedicated to all of the members of the Deptford Spartan Marching Band from 2000 - Current.

The year 2000 came and with it came a new
commitment to excellence, a new attitude from the students and brought along a feeling of dominance, winning many awards in the areas of Percussion and Color Guard.

Brian Gilbert ,now the Director of the Marching Spartans enstilled a sense of pride back into the Deptford Spartan Marching Band.  Under Mr. Gilbert, the Deptford Band began to reach new territory in TOB Competition. The Deptford Spartan Marching Band would never be the same!!! 

In three years, the Spartan Band had reached the top 10 in TOB Competition. From 1998 - 2000 the Marching Spartans placed an impressive 9th and 6th twice in the Atlantic Coast Championships.
The Spartans where starting to get in High Gear when change occurred again...

In 2001 Brian Gilbert left Deptford and went to Highland Regional High School.  Again the Spartans would have a new Director, Mr.Chris Scott.  Mr. Scott, a native from Washington Township, came from a very strong band program.  Under Mr. Scott, the band continued to perform well.  In 2001 the band had grown to its largest size in years moving to Group III. 

The Spartan Band would again make it back to Atlantic Coast Championship placing 13th in 2001, 2002, and 8th in 2003.  The band was looking strong, but in 2004 something happened that no one expected. 

In 2004 the Spartan Band quest for a 7th straight appearance to the Atlantic Coast Championships ended.  Due to many unforeseen circumstances, the Spartan in 2004 experienced a very humbling season.  After the 2004-2005 season change again occurred in Spartan Band Nation.

In 2005, the 8th Director of the Deptford Spartan Marching Band was announced.  Mr. Mike Armstrong was to take control of the Spartan Band.  The 2005 Spartan Band had been the smallest band in Deptford history.  Now competing in the highly competitive Group I, the Spartans faced an uphill battle. 

The Spartans came out with a new attitude and a new music concept...  Working very hard to earn back respect, the 2005 Spartans looked to Music entitled "Red" by Key Poulan.  The Spartans got that respect by placing 10th in the Group I Atlantic Coast Championships.  

2006 looked bright for the Spartans as well. The Staff was starting to change and grow.  Mr. Armstrong looked to some alumni to be instructors. Miss Bethany Johnson who was currently on the Deptford Staff was joined by Ron Latham and Elliot Hirshorn, all Deptford Alumni. The Spartan Band branched out and competed in both TOB and USSBA.  In their first USSBA Show the Spartan Band won 1st Place at the Delaware Valley Regional.  The Spartan Band finished the season with another trip to the Atlantic Coast Championships placing 14th.

Staffing changes occurred again in 2007 as the Spartan Band tried to improve...  Calvin Spencer (another Deptford Alum) now had joined the Staff.  The 2007 Spartan Band was still very small, but had a lot of fight and this would be seen very soon...

The 2007 show was entitled "In the Spring When We Go Off To War" and was based off of the 1993 DCI Champion Cadets of Bergen County.  The Spartans stared of the season with a 1st place win at the USSBA Show in West Deptford and quickly picked up the pace in October.

The Show started to have a life of its own and people all over the East Coast started to take notice. The Spartan Band started to win awards, Best Drum Major, Best Color Guard and Best Percussion.  The Spartan Band traveled to Maryland and earned a 1st place win at Queen Anne County and specialty award in TOB and then earned a 1st place win at the USSBA show at Cherokee, taking home Best Music, Best Color Guard and Best Overall Effect.

The Spartan Band made history on November 3, winning the USSBA New Jersey State Group I Championship at Washington Township High School.  The success continued as the Spartan Band won the awards for Best Woodwinds and Drum Major at the Chapter I Championships in TOB.

At the Atlantic Coast Championships the Spartan Band placed 7th in Group I competition.  The Spartans also tied the Highest score ever attained by a Deptford Band at ACC's, 93.35. 

The Spartan Band then went to Baltimore, Maryland for the USSBA National Championships.  The Deptford Spartan Marching Band was crowned the 2007 USSBA Group I  National Champions!  The Spartan band scored a school record in USSBA with a score of 96.00

The 2008 Spartan Marching Band came out ready to work and with a new look for the upcoming season.  With the purchase of new Uniforms the Marching Spartans headed into the season with a very difficult show entitled "Niagara Falls. "  The Band Staff changed again as Jimmy Glenn, Wayne Bishop, and  Justine Abrams joined the Band staff.  Liz Smith, and Deptford Alums Ashley Davenport and Mike Underwood served as Consultants.  With the staff set the 2008 season started out with a lot of promise.

The band grew in size.  With 19 colorguard members the Spartan Color guard had been its biggest in many years.  The band grew to a Group II size in TOB and a Group III size in USSBA.  The Spartan Band had 27 Middle School Students, and 47 Rookies.  Of the total 67 member band 56 of those students has marched 2 years or less.  With a great upswing in membership but clearly at a disadvantage in experience the Spartans came out for competition in September.

The Spartan Band was back to its winning ways as it captured a 1st place finish in it's first competition at West Deptford.  The Band entered the TOB schedule with confidence as the capted a 2nd place finsh at the Triton competition.  The season was going great and then the Rain came.

Any and all information that you can provide during this time period of the band's history would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact us at or Calvin Spencer at

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