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Welcome to the Home of the
Spartan Band 1990 - 1999!!!

This page is dedicated to all of the members of the Deptford Spartan Marching Band from 1990 - 1999.

The 1990's came and with in the first two weeks of the new school year, saw controversy.  During the beginning of the 1990 -1991 school year, the Spartan Band had high hopes of being the third Spartan Band to make it to the Atlantic Coast Championships.   The Spartans were having summer rehearsal and band camp just like any other season...  At the time that school was scheduled to start the Teachers Union and the Board of Education had not come to an agreement on a Contract.  Due to this disagreement the Teachers did not come to work and had a two week Strike.

This had a major impact on the student body in Deptford.  No extra curricular Activities and or sports were aloud to practice on School Grounds.  Due to this, the Spartan Band was not aloud to rehearse and or use School own instruments.  The Drum Majors and Sections Leaders attempted to take matters into their own hands by having rehearsals at Fasola Park, but without a lined marching band field and school instruments these rehearsals were extremely limited.  Two weeks into the school year and the Teachers and Board of Education came to an agreement and the band was back in business.

At the end of the season the goal was to break 70.00 in TOB.  The Senior Class had not done that since they had joined the band and at the Chapter I Championships the band scored a 69.9, .1 away from the goal...  This was a defining year for the Spartan Band. From that point on the band began to understand perseverance in which they continued to strive for Greatness!!!

By1992 the Band was motivated and dedicated to making the Atlantic Coast Championships. After coming close in 1991, the band was more determined to make it .  The Spartan Band did just that placing in 20th Place with a Score of 85.80 becoming the third Spartan Band to do so.  This Atlantic Coast berth helped the Spartan in the next season when again they returned to the Atlantic Coast Championships.

The Spartan Band would get to the Atlantic Coast Championship again in 1998 which was the final year for Mr. Jameson's tenure as Director of the Spartan Marching Band.  Mr. Jameson had spent 16 years as Director of the Spartan Marching Band, which to date is still the longest tenure of any Director.  Mr. Jameson accounted for 5 Atlantic Coast Championships performances and continued the  tradition of excellence within the Deptford Program.

Brian Gilbert now took control over the Marching Spartans and a new set of History was about to be made...  Mr. Gilbert came from a Drum Corps background.  The Deptford Spartan Marching Band would never be the same!!! 

Under the direction of Brian Gilbert the Spartan Band was like the Spartan Band on old.  Turning heads and making people watch, the Marching Spartans began winning awards and again the resurgence of the Spartan Marching continued into the 2000's where the Band again would start to break records and new Traditions would be made...        

Any and all information that you can provide during this time period of the band's history would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact us at or Calvin Spencer at

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