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Welcome to the Home of the
Spartan Band 1980 - 1989!!!

This page is dedicated to all of the members of the Deptford Spartan Marching Band from 1980 - 1989.

The 1980's brought in even more changes to the world of marching band and that did not change for the Deptford Spartan Marching Band.  The Tradition continued as the Spartan Band continued to perform and wow crowds across the East Coast. 

Again transition was about to take place and in 1983 Jim Jameson became the fifth Director of the
Deptford Spartan Marching Band.  During this time the Marching Band started to compete again in the circuit they help found in 1973,  Tournament of Bands (TOB).  The Deptford Spartan Band began the journey as a competition band in 1983 and in just two short years the Marching Spartans made it back to the Atlantic Coast Championship.  The Spartans placed 22nd with a score of 61.25.  This was only the second time the Spartan Marching Band had made it to the Atlantic Coast Championships.  That was a magical season for the students of the band.

As the 1980's continued, many changes continued to occurred.  The Band numbers had really started to take a huge hit and the band had gone from 200 members in the 1960's and 1970's to just over approx. 70 members in the mid to late 80's.  Because of the decline in numbers the Spartan Band again started to take 8th Grade students from Monongahela to become members of the band.  

In the late 1980's the Band, played a vast array of music...  Performing songs like " I Hope I Get It " and "What I Did For Love" from the Broadway Musical "A Chorus Line" to "12th Street Rag".  The band also play pop music of the time like Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror " to music from Movies like "Johnny's Mambo" from Dirty Dancing.  

During the late 1980's the band had  its own style and even though the band didn't make it back to the Atlantic Coast Championship, it wasn't for a lack of trying.  The students of the Spartan Band continued to strive for excellence.

Here is a photo of the 1988-89 Spartan Marching Band. 

Here are two pictures of the 1988 - 89 Spartan Band from Chapter I Championships

Special Thanks to Cheryl (Stotsenburg) St. Germain for scanning these photos.

Any and all information that you can provide during this time period of the band's history would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact us at or Calvin Spencer at

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