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In the Beginning 
1959 - 1969
1959 - 1969

Welcome to the Home of the
Spartan Band 1959 - 1969!!!

This page is dedicated to all of the members of the Spartan Marching Band from 1959 - 1969.

During the 1957- 58 school year was the year it all began.  This was the year Deptford Township High School opened its doors under the guidance of Mr. George Wildman, the schools first Principal.  The first students to attend the newly built high school were the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.  In the beginning, the Deptford High School Mascot became the Spartans.  It is said that the Head of the Guidance Department during that time, Mr. Roy Wager suggested that the mascot be the Spartans.  Mr. Wager also suggested that the fight song be "The Spartan Fight Song" from his alma mater San Jose State University.

The history of the Marching Band begins in 1959 under the Director of Mr. Ron Holly.  Mr. Holly was the director of the Spartan Marching Band from 1959 to 1967. During the early years of the Spartan Band, Mr. Holly started a program that lead the Marching Spartans to prominence. 

During the early years of the Deptford Spartan Marching Band, the band was ready for anything and everything.  The band would start rehearsals in the summers and moved on to the beginning of the new school year.   During the 1960's the Band had an All Male Color Guard (Rifles and Flags).  The men in the Color Guard were known for using  "De-Militarized Rifles and their small Rifle Drill Team.  The band would perform in many parades to include: Fireman's Parade in Atlantic City, NJ, The Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC, the Miss America Parade in Atlantic City, NJ and other local events.  During those years the Band won many trophies and awards.  

In 1964, the Spartan Band was scheduled to perform at the opening of the Worlds Fair in New York City.  The Band Parents worked very hard at fundraising to get enough money for the band to get to New York City.  The day that the band was scheduled to perform it rained (Hard) the entire day.  Due to the excessive rain showers, the Grand Opening Venue was flooded and the ceremonies were canceled.  The band was well rehearsed, ready to perform and already at the stadium when the event was canceled.  There was several inches of water on the ground.  The band was very upset that the performance was canceled until Ron Holly asked the students if they wanted to perform anyway.

The Spartan Marching Band performed in the pouring rain at the World Fair.  They sloshed through the water and performed their drill and music better than ever.  The people that were left in the stands cheered and applauded the efforts of the band.  Here is a photo of the patch given to each band member in 1964 for their Performance at the World's Fair.

Special Thank you to John Preine, member of the Spartan Band 1959 - 1965 for the information on the World's Fair and the picture of the World's Fair Patch. Special thank you to  MGYSGT.  Jerry J. Gooch USMC (Ret.) member of  the Spartan Band from 1964 - 1966 for the information on the All Male Color Guard. and Rifle team.


1967 would mark the beginning of an era for the Spartan Marching Band as Director John Tumminia took over the helm as Director.   The band would grow in size having  up to 150 - 200 members.   During the Tumminia years the band would become a Power House and the Deptford Spartan Marching Band became a household name in the State of New Jersey.

This photo was taken in September 1959, after the Band's First Band Competition. The competition was in Glassboro and in this photo was the first Trophy ever won by the band! 

In the
picture:  Ron Holly (The Proud Director), John Preine (sax), Tony Volpe (big trombone),
Charles "Dinky" Everwine (little trombone)

Any information that you can provide for the band from this time period would be greatly appreciated...  Please contact us at or Calvin Spencer at

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